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Mantri Developers review bangalore

Mantri Developers review bangalore


The real estate scenario of this country has grown into much likely into a fable. This is quite frankly because of the development and growth of the country as a whole. As the demands of the people keep on changing with time, the cost and creativity of real estate has also seen a steep growth whether the project be commercial or residential. 

This outlook of the consumer further paved way for the concept of luxury villas. Mantri real estate developers has seized this opportunity and capitalised on this prospect. Mantri developers is one of the innovators in the field of real estate development and the concept of luxurious villas is their forte. Mantri Signature villas is the combined outcome of the demand of the people and excellence along with creativity of the Mantri Developers. 

Mantri Developers have a very keen reputation of building projects that suits the style and comfort of the consumers, concentrating basically on South India and mostly Bangalore and Chennai. Mantri Signature Villas located is on ECR link road, Chennai. The company has crafted elegant these villas keeping in mind the luxurious yet sophisticated approach of the consumers. The humid weather of Chennai adds a pinch of grace to the property on the whole.

With a grand total of 83 Signature Villas, each villa is well equipped with modern and up-to-date features the finest being the colossal 26,000 square feet clubhouse, The Clover that will not only meet the needs of the consumers but also entertain them. Other facilities provided to the cbuyers are a Grand size pool, a Jacuzzi, staff borders in each villa, Outdoor Party Area with Barbeque Pit, etc. The project also caters the physical needs of the inhabitants. A well-equipped gymnasium along with a dozen of fitness activities have been provided to each resident.

Mantri Signature Villas also looks after the environmental aspect in the project. As a matter of fact, the project includes rain water harvesting system and sewage treatment plant, where the recycled water is used for gardening and other domestic purposes. Solar water heating system and solar-powered lighting will also be used as an initiative towards saving the environment.

 Mantri Developers review bangalore

This project also initiates the concept of Home Automation. With the help of this concept, residents will be able to completely automatize the home-making process. This home automation concept not only amplifies the safety and security of the residents but also enhances the comfort level of the individual by using touch panels to give commands that would otherwise be done manually. Mantri Signature Villas will completely revolutionize the idea of residential villas and the concept of home-making.

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