Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Mantri Developers Review - Classic: Mantri Review

Mantri Developers Review

If a house in the Silicon Valley is what you dreamt of, then mantra Classic is the place to be. We recently purchased an apartment in this project and it has been a wonderful experience ever since.  Situated in Koramangala, Bangalore, it houses 2, 3 and 4 bedroom apartments. The building is constructed with glass balconies and aluminum fa├žade. The buildings are constructed with display of grandeur and elegance. This residence has helped me set aside traditional inhibitions, and value the essence of style and class. Usually, glass settings have always scared me, but this one is truly an exception. 

Mantri Developers Review Bangalore

All complexes are earthquake resistant and adhere to the legal guidelines. Security and safety is very effective. CCTV cameras are installed on every floor, including the lobby to efficiently monitor activities. For entry and exit, we have proximity cards for authentication. Every time we have a visitor, their name and authenticity is confirmed by the guards at the entry and then let in. This I feel is the biggest advantage here. You live in a space which you is safeguarded by trained professional individuals.
A few other specialties here is the Club house that offers access to a variety of games ranging from badminton, pool to carom and chess. Gymnasium, aerobics and dance and steam room options are also available. Personally, my favorite is the karaoke setting in the club house. We usually gather there during weekends or special occasions. The outdoor courts are also an asset. There are separate courts for different sports activities which makes it more enriching. WE have two swimming pools here, for adults and children separately.  Swimming pools have been designed for adults and children separately. Play places for toddlers is also designed here with all the required arrangements. What makes life more convenient here is the laundry facility. This happens on a regular basis and the quality is also appreciated.
One of the important things that our complex is famous for is, the natural beauty. Mantri Classic has been awarded by the Mysore Horticultural Society for its picturesque. Water harvesting is a strict practice here and we have regular meetings regarding water conservation steps. For the same, the water treatment plant has been put in place which has proven to be a great success. Maintaining the green cover is emphasized and re-emphasized at Mantri Classic. We plant as many saplings as possible and take immense care to enhance the natural beauty. The gardens and lawns here are very reflective of the same. 
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