Thursday, 8 May 2014

Mantri Developers Review - Mantri Blossom

Mantri Developers Review

Mantri Developers’ yet another luxurious ‘Mantri Blossom’ could be the next talk of the town. Right opposite and gaping into the largest lung space in the city that is Lalbagh. Mantri Blossom is riveting residential tower soaring into the skies. With Luscious, elaborate units nestled in, community living takes a giant leap and a familiar face is just around the corner. Throw open your window and listen to the dulcet chirpings of variety of birds. Experience all your senses come into bloom as the pleasant aroma emanating from Lalbagh swivels its way into your private cocoon in an obligatory manner. 

It is right opposite Lalbagh and is cradled in nature. It is the First high-rise residential tower overlooking 240 acres of Lalbagh Botanical Garden. Mantri Blossom is what I Mantri Developers review as ‘Smart home for smart people’. It has landscaped terraces and private swimming pool is provided for homes with terraces and penthouses. It is also splendidly equipped with a world-class clubhouse. There is a Health Club with Gymnasium, steam room, Sauna room and Massage room. 

Tele Medicine centre Telemedicine and health room is provided within the property. Outdoor amenities help you absorb mother nature and increase the feel-good factor.. Every home is provided with the Gold package of home automation.  Mantri Blossom is designed as per IGBC Gold rated Green Buildings. There are two helipads in this project. All the exterior and interior specifications pamper your lifestyle with global standards. Tomorrow is here at Mantri Blossom.